A well-designed reminder for board meetings is an effective tool that can improve the preparedness of participants, and increase the productivity and effectiveness of scheduled engagements. Reminders should be delivered in a timely manner and should clearly communicate important meeting information such as the title of the meeting as well as the date and time, the location or the agenda and a virtual platform. They should also include an action message to prompt attendees to confirm attendance or contact them if they have any questions or concerns. A friendly tone and the use a professional template for reminders will encourage participant accountability and reduce the chance of errors.

Start your email reminder by giving a an introduction that briefs recipients of the importance of the meeting. This will make them feel appreciated and ensure that they don’t miss the meeting due to not realizing the importance. Make your subject line concise and short. A condensed subject could limit the information you communicate.

Sending reminders regularly before the meeting will ensure that participants do not forget or misplace any important information. A first reminder sent a week before the meeting is a good point to begin and then follow up on the day of the meeting. Consider sending a final reminder www.boardroomhub.com/what-is-categorical-data the morning of the session especially if it’s a critical one. A template for board meetings that automates the process will help simplify this and ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming meeting no matter the time of day.

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